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Before your website can be published to the world wide web it must have a registered domain name.  Your domain name becomes the main part of your web site address.

$38.00 for 2 year registration of: .com.au & .net.au names
$24.00 for 1 year registration of:
   .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .co.nz & .net.nz domain names.

Click here to complete your own domain name search.  You may even like to register your domain name yourself with a fast and simple registration process via this link.

A domain name (e.g. junket.com.au) signifies your own unique address on the Internet. It is how your customers will remember you and find you among the millions of other web sites on the Internet.  Your domain name also becomes the latter part of any email accounts set up (e.g. design@junket.com.au).

Click here to view the 'Rules' for registering an Australian domain name.

Helpful Tips When Registering A Domain Name:
● The only characters allowed are letters, digits and a hyphen (-) Spaces are not allowed.
● The name should be between 3 and 63 characters long. Often, the shorter the domain the better.
● www. is not actually part of the domain name.
● Domain names are not case sensitive - so abc.com.au is just the same as ABC.com.au.

If you have any queries or would like further information regarding website design & development, domain names, website hosting & more - please email design@junket.com.au.
Please click here to view the 'Ordering Process', 'Terms & Conditions' and 'Privacy Policy' related to Website Design / Webhosting & Domain Name Registration.
Please click here to view 'General Conditions'.

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